Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Google Play

Google's newest service began rolling out today, and it's called Google Play.  Basically iTunes for Android; Google Play will put Apps, Movies, Music, and Books all in one convenient store.  After you purchase an item, it will automatically put that item on all of your devices, no syncing required.

To access the Play Store, go to google.com, then the Play tab across the top along with mail, documents, etc., or go directly to play.google.com.  Once there, you'll notice it looks very similar to the familiar Android Market, but a little bit more intuitive.  The Android Market will eventually merge with the Play Store.  The Play Store will allow you to easy browse and purchase all types of media for your Android device.

This is just the beginning of the rollout of the Play Store, and a big first step in Google's efforts to make the Android user experience more cohesive.    

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