Monday, April 2, 2012

Android: King of the Operating Systems

Recently, the International Data Corporation put out a statement saying that Android will be taking over Windows as the top operating system by 2016 (take that Apple!). Android is projected to grow from a 29.4% market share to 31.1% Windows market share is expected to plunge from 35.9%, to 25.1% and while they will still be ahead of the Apple iOS (it's supposed to hit 17.3% market share by 2016), it is clearly seeing the demise of its OS if this trend continues.

Have to say, it's a little gratifying to see Android blowing everyone else's OS out of the water! We're taking over and it seems like no one will be able to slow down the popularity of the Android OS. People, in conjunction with technology, are moving forward and growing what seems like daily. The trick is to keep the innovation alive. In the "PC Plus" era, making sure that all of the current and new devices are compatible for the same cloud applications and services is a large undertaking. If the Android market is able to keep up with the innovation, it seems like they will be an unstoppable OS player.

Here's the link to the full article if you're interested in reading more:

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