Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook Buying Instagram!

Well Instagram sure is making some headlines lately.  Just after they release their widely popular photo sharing app to Android users, they get bought by Facebook!

Facebook has agreed to purchase Instagram for about $1 billion.  Facebook is proud of the photo sharing service they currently provide, and people share more photos on Facebook than anywhere else in the world.  There have been rumors for about a year now that Facebook was working on its own app to compete with Instagram, but I guess if you can't beat 'em, you buy 'em! 

Now this may sound like a bad thing for Instagram and its users.  Many small startups, with passionate founders and customers, are completely ruined after being absorbed into giant companies, but in this case it seems like Facebook is off to a good start.  Zuckerberg has said they are going to keep Instagram independent and keep all of its current features like being able share with other social networks.  So hopefully Facebook will not interfere too much, but supply necessary resources like servers to support Instagram's rapidly growing user base. Only time will tell how this new relationship works out.   

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